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Salmon & Trout Products

Companies that supply Salmon & Trout Products

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We specialise in the cutting of frozen fish; producing cubes, strips, flakes or slices of many varieties of fish in numerous sizes. Our technological expertise enables the production of a cube of only 4 x 4 x 4 mm size. Our products are all IQF and available raw, cooked or smoked (cold- or hotsmoked) in the following variety of fish:
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Salmus AS is a family owned and operated company, who make the best use of the natural environment to produce top quality products from local raw-material, grown and processed by local experienced seafaring people.This all creating local values and positive results for the community. Salmus AS production company, Leines Seafood AS is the driving force behind these activities.
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Atkins & Barder
Atkins & Barder was set up in 1989 with a clear and specific agenda; to supply high quality fish ingredients to the Food Manufacturing Industry within the U.K. and Europe. During the early 1980's, when fish farming and in particular salmon farming was in its infancy, the personnel of Atkins & Barder were doing their apprenticeship with what has become the fish supply of the future. Atkins & Barder's staff consequently now have a vast hands-on experience in growing, processing and smoking farmed fish.
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Bakkafrost offers a wide range of salmon products supplied by own processing facilities. Controlling the process from salmon roe to ready packed products makes Bakkafrost a reliable partner capable of concluding long-term contracts and ensuring stable supplies of large quantities.
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Sample Sped Ltd
Sample Sped Ltd. Overnight frozen courier service based in Grimsby. For all your most urgent samples.
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We at Macknight are committed to Purvey the Finest quality Food Products available in the World today. Provide the best Service For all our Customers to the point of exceeding our own expectations every day.
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FISH AND SEAFOOD Trade offer for professional gastronomy
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Food supplies The supply of quality food products begins at the source. Deliopolis benefits from more than 20 years of experience in world wide sourcing, shipping and the supply of food products for first class cruise liners, such as the Queen Elizabeth 2, or hotels in Austria, Switzerland, Russia and the Caribbean. Due to this long term expertise, Deliopolis can reach back to a comprehensive network of first class food producers and traders. Our tightly controlled supply chain management assures that goods are delivered quickly and comply with HACCP regulations. We work with specialists for each of the different food categories, who are able to meet the expectations of scrutinizing clients.
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Grants Smokehouse
Grants Smokehouse limited are producers of the finest Oak Smoked Salmon, we are a company founded over 25 years ago in 1985, the original and current location picked is in the small fishing town bordering Scotland, Maryport, in Cumbria, England. Our Mission at Grants is to expand the Grants brands, to exceed industry standards and to be recognised as the leading brand for quality Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon.
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