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What is Salmon Trader

Salmontrader.com is a website connecting the world fish companies, fish growers and fish markets. Salmontrader is the ONLY dedicated website that is exclusively devoted to fish and shellfish. There is NO other site like it.

Please feel free to translate this page into your own language. Just ‘click’ on your country’s flag on the LEFT HANDSIDE of this page.

On the HOME PAGE of Salmontrader you will find our 4 Trading Pages. Each Trading Page lists what is says on the front, namely:-

  • Salmon & Trout
  • Shellfish
  • Whitefish

"Click" on any of these and you will be taken into the list of fish, shellfish or machinery being offered for sale or purchase.

Have a good look around the site, just ‘click’ on any link and see where it takes you. To use this site is SIMPLE

On Salmontrader you can:-

  1. Look for wholesale fish, shellfish and machinery products.
  2. Make contact to BUY fish products, by answering any of the Advertisements on the Trading Pages
  3. Make contact with other fish companies by answering their advertisements on the Trading Pages.
  4. Place advertisements to SELL fish products.
  5. Look at the various information pages.
  6. Contact any of the ‘linked’ websites that are on our pages.

How to use Salmontrader

  1. You can look at ALL the pages of Salmontrader for FREE.
  2. You can look at the ‘linked’ websites of fish and machinery companies for FREE.
  3. You can register your company for FREE.
  4. To Register ‘click’ on NEW USER and complete the simple form.
  5. If you wish to answer or place any advertisement, this is FREE

Once you have Registered you can:-

  1. Place as many advertisements as you like,� just ‘click’ on WRITE A NEW ADVERTISEMENT, and follow the instructions. There is an option on this to promote your product, just follow the instructions.
  2. Answer any advertisement ‘click’ on Email Reply which is next to each advertisement. Your email reply will go directly to the advertiser.

REMEMBER. The more advertisements you answer or place the more business and sales you will make.

Facts about Salmontrader

  1. There are 4850 registered fish and machinery companies on our database.
  2. Salmontrader is based in the UK, however our members come from all over the world.
  • China, 995 company members
  • India, 188 company members
  • Russia, 190 company members
  • North America, 370 company members
  • UK 476, company members
  • Norway 75, company members
  • Central Europe 1460, company members
  • South America 136, company members
  1. 6,500 fish buyers and fish seller visit Salmontrader every month.
  2. Every month over 100 advertisements are placed.
  3. Every month there are over 300 replies to the advertisements.
  4. 80% of our users tell us that over a year they make 5 – 10 sales as a DIRECT result of Salmontrader
  5. 85% of our users tell us that over a year they make 5+ new contacts as a DIRECT result of Salmontrader.
  6. Salmontrader is actively promoting itself on Google, which is increasing visitor numbers and new members at a rate of 10% every month.

Does Salmontrader work?

On a recent survey 80% of users questioned, confirm that they made at least 5 sales a year and made between 5 - 10 new contacts a year as a direct result of Salmontrader.

Does your company have a website?


1. How much does it cost to make?
2. How many visitors view your site a month?

If you have gone to the expense of creating a website USE IT.

Place your website on Salmontrader, and your website will be visited at least 100 times every month.

Go to Advertising, on the left handside of this page.

Let Salmontrader promote YOUR company’s website. As we grow, so will you. Simple!